Now that you have bought your choice of felt item from Felt Fetish, read on to know how to take care of it to make sure it lasts a long time and gives you the satisfaction you want. Please note that every Felt Fetish product comes treated with two layers of fabric protector to help prevent staining. However, regular usage will need an occasional cleaning every now and then. All Felt Fetish products are washable unless otherwise specified. Please continue reading below to know how :

1.     Dry surface wash

·         If you get something moist on your felt or it gets covered with crumbs, use a baby wipe to gently wipe it away.

·         Let crumbs or dirt dry before you attempt to wipe them off with a wipe, so that they do not get smeared into the material.

·         If you are afraid that the substance will stain then directly proceed to hand washing as outlined below.

2.     Wet hand wash

·        Brush as much of the dirt, dust or dried whatever off as you can while the item is STILL DRY

·        Fill a sink or basin with cool or cold water, no soap. You can use fabric softener used for washing woolens. Please follow the direction to use as mentioned on the product

·        Place said item in water and wait until it soaked (as mentioned on the product if using woolen cleaner), Gently squeeze the air out if it is a stuffed item

·        Gently press water out of felt without rubbing

·        Continue to squeeze like a sponge but DO NOT RUB.  Repeat until spot is gone.

·        Air dry your felt. Lay your felt flat or hang it on a drying rack while it dries. DO NOT IRON as it might cause the felt to shrink.

Additional tips and tricks:

·        DO NOT RUB the felt at any point as it may cause it to fuzz and become rough.

·        You can use lemon juice in the water during wash to clean our any tough stains as lemons have antibacterial properties and also eliminate any malodors. Cut lemons and squeeze into the water in your basin and proceed as outlined above.

·        Vinegar will also disinfectant, help destroy odor and dissolves any grease too. Put in 1/2 part vinegar to 1 part water and wash as directed above be sure to lay it out to dry as soon as possible and do not use it to soak your item for longer than 10-15 minutes as it could hurt the fabric.