Felt is a non woven textile that is made by compressing and heating fibers. These fibers can be natural like wool or synthetic like acrylic. Felt comes in varying thickness, colors, size, fiber content and density. Simply put, in daily life felt is what happens to wool sweaters when they are washed numerous times in soap and hot water and they shrink.

The intriguing thing about felt is that while most people do not know it by the name “Felt”, they are able to easily recognize it on sight. Felt has a fairly wide range of application in everyday life- it is used in cars (the grey/black material that lines the boot), in musical instruments like pianos, to line bulletin boards in schools and of course in the textile industry to make hats, slippers, bags etc.

Being a non woven material, felt does not fray when cut. This makes is a versatile fabric to use in crafts and also gives the finished products a distinctive look and feel when compared to products made from the more common PVC and other plastic materials. Felt, being a fabric, feels soft and more natural to touch. It emanates warmth and coziness with its association with sweaters and winters spent next to a bonfire.

Felt can be easily dyed, embroidered or manipulated to make almost anything- from earrings as light as a feather, to warm winter slippers, to whimsical lamps and even clothes. At Felt Fetish we try to bring this versatility, distinctiveness and sheer fun of felt to you at easy and affordable prices. Feel the Felt!